I Love People…

I believe we are all unique and have qualities that are dormant within us. These characteristics can be awakened through situations and relationships. I have a passion for understanding people, knowing that life can be hard. To the extent you feel sad or hopeless, you have that same capacity to feel hope and joy. I get excited for people who have the courage to initiate the difficult steps to feel better. People deserve to feel their full range of emotions from sadness to joy.


My journey in becoming a mental health professional started on a less than a typical path. I am a first-generation US citizen born in New York City. My parents were WWII survivors that immigrated from Europe. I learned from my upbringing that life wasn’t always going to be fair, just, or kind. I also learned there were going to be times of love, peace, and success in situations and relationships. I graduated from Western Washington University with a double major in jazz performance and music education. I began my professional career as a band and orchestra teacher in the public school system. I studied pop psychology during that time to better understand myself and people. I started a dot-com business with several other colleagues and worked with clients and business associates. Following the dot-com business, I worked on remodeling homes with a business partner for several years. After a car accident, I lost much of my physical endurance. I was encouraged by a therapist to change careers and become a mental health professional. I completed my Master’s Degree at Saybrook University and had a successful internship at Sound Mental Health in Auburn, Washington.


My private practice is currently in Bellevue. I am looking forward to meeting you. Call me to see if we are a good fit for you. 425-780-7295

Education: Master’s in Psychology, Counseling Specialization, Saybrook University (LIOS)

License:  LH61355288, Washington State Department of Health