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In-person counseling sessions update

I have moved to a new office in Bellevue. In addition to providing telehealth sessions, I am also seeing symptom-free clients on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in person. My new space is in the Arbor Building at the Bellefield Office Park at 1621 – 114th Ave SE, Suite 224, Bellevue, WA 98004


Important: for people suffering from OCD

Canceled. Unfortunately, the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF.org) has canceled the annual conference that was scheduled to take place in Seattle this summer. The IOCDF is offers training and support for health professionals, researchers, individuals with OCD, and their loved ones. The IOCDF is planning to provide an online event this summer. Go to IOCDF.org for more info.


It’s Normal to Seek Help

While it is true that sometimes life sucks, it is also true that you may need to reach beyond your sphere of influence to find the help you require. Anxiety is a master at tricking and manipulating the brain. Traditional common-sense strategies and talk therapy have limited effectiveness in dealing with anxiety, phobias, and OCD. Finding a therapist who understands the strengths and weaknesses of these disorders is vital in gaining your life back. Seeking help is a good plan. Chances are you already have the necessary tools and character within to begin to feel better.


How I work with clients

Although we have life experiences and hereditary genes that have uniquely shaped us into the people we are, anxiety disorders and OCD typically have patterns in how they work in individuals. Are you frustrated enough to do what it takes to get your life back? Your willingness to daily engage the discomfort is directly related to your success in overcoming these disorders. There is a complexity about you that we will explore to better understand what is going on and move to the best possible treatment for your situation. Some of these symptoms will be clear while others may require more investigation. My goal is to gain clarity on what is important to you and explore ways we can get there at a pace that you choose. I will work with you to gain control of your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.


Meeting You Where You Are At

You may be having a difficult time at this moment and feel like giving up hope for improvement of your current situation. That is not unusual. In the times when it feels impossible to reach for help is exactly when you may find relief with therapy. Your brain is amazingly powerful and most likely has untapped potential. Getting better is not a guarantee; however, there may be hope for you with a life of increased meaning. It will probably be a difficult journey to feel better, and it is worth it.


Virtual ERP (Exposure Response Prevention)

To better meet the needs of people dealing with anxiety or OCD, I offer virtual counseling sessions when appropriate. If you live in Washington state and do not have access to a therapist specializing in treating anxiety or OCD, virtual counseling may be the best option for you. For clients that I see in person that experience their most intense symptoms out in their community or home, integrating virtual ERP sessions can greatly enhance their progress.